IPG.Estate presents the first issue of the INSIGHT magazine

IPG.Estate launches its own corporate INSIGHT magazine. It contains the most up-to-date information about the state of the market from our experts in the field of consulting, as well as office, retail and warehouse premises.

Making successful transactions and important decisions in the real estate industry is impossible without knowing the crucial information about the trends, prospects and key market players. From now on experts of the company will share their experience not only in the IPG.Research brand research and blog on our website, but also in a new format.

The first issue of INSIGHT was dedicated to COVID-adaptation of the commercial real estate market. We will find out what lessons the crisis year has taught us and in what state 2021 will start.

Read also:

  • How the events of 2020 affected the commercial real estate market and in what direction it will change;
  • Which areas of the market proved to be stable and which have suffered serious losses;
  • How the virus changed the rules of the investment market game.

The INSIGHT magazine has an online version only. You can download the first issue here: https://ipg-estate.ru/insight-magazine

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