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IPG.Estate brings Moscow chain of Vizhu optical stores to the market of St. Petersburg

IPG.Estate company brings Moscow chain of Vizhu optical stores to the market of the north capital.

Vizhu optical stores chain specializes in sales of ready corrective glasses (with dioptrics), glasses for driving, training glasses, sunglasses.

The operator considers open galleries in the shopping malls of the city, where it is possible to arrange shopping island of an area of 8 – 12 square metres and with a module height of 1.2 – 1.6 metres.

At the moment, Vizhu optical stores chain is represented only in Moscow, in Troika, Babylon, City and other shopping malls.

"Arrival of the Moscow chain to St. Petersburg says on the market attractiveness, – says Olga Kozhevnikova, Head of Retail Real Estate Department of IPG.Estate. – At the same time, today we can see reduction of local chains due to fierce competition, and appearance of a new operator will revive the market and contribute to its planned development."

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