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IPGMARKETINSIGHT: St. Petersburg in development: the battle for resources

Experts IPG.Estate and Cushman & Wakefield invite you to participate in the first joint event for the leading players of the commercial real estate market - # IPGMarketInSight, which will take place at the Okhta Lab site.The topic of this event will be: St. Petersburg in development: the battle for resources.

During the event, IPG and C&W experts will discuss not only topical issues of concern to the commercial real estate market of St. Petersburg, but also draw Parallels with the markets of the regions of Russia, Moscow and foreign countries. In the final part of the event you will see specially invited guest, who will reveal the modern trends of the trading segment.

Questions for discussion:

  • Spatial development of Russia. Agglomeration of Russia
  • Prospects of St. Petersburg: the second business capital of Russia?
  • Battle of the offices: IT vs gas and oil.
  • Lessor's warehouse market: demand increases rates
  • Is there life after world Cup?
  • Battle of the shopping malls: new rules of the game
  • Retail: five trends of the market

We are waiting for you on Friday, October 5:

14:30 – Networking
15:00-17:00 – Business program
17:00-18:00 – Networking


Ohta Lab, shopping center "Ohta Mall", Brancovskaja Dor., 3


  • Ivan Pochinschikov, managing partner of IPG.Estate
  • Valery Trushin, head of Research and consulting department of IPG.Estate
  • Denis Sokolov, partner, head Of research and Analytics Department of Cushman & Wakefield
  • Veronika Chakanova, head of Office Department of IPG.Estate
  • Philip Chaika, head of industrial and warehouse department of IPG.Estate
  • Olga Kozhevnikova, head of retail department of IPG.Estate
  • Ilya Kuznetsov, head of Department Russian Regions: corporate services of Cushman & Wakefield
  • Tatiana Divina, Deputy head Of research and Analytics Department of Cushman & Wakefield
  • Lyudmila Reva, Director of SRV lease in Russia

Please note that the event is closed and registration is required. The organizers will confirm your participation within two days after registration.

Registration link: https://ipg-estate.timepad.ru/event/814325/

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