IPG.Estate expert participated in the Intelligent Industry Forum

Philip Chaika, Head of Industrial and Warehouse Real Estate, IPG.Estate, participated in the Intelligent Industry Forum's Manufacturing Forum.

Philip told market participants about the industrial real estate segment of St. Petersburg, his condition and problems.

Currently, the total area of production sites in the northern capital is 15 633 hectares (according to spbinvestment.ru) - this is more than 50 production sites.

There is a problem in the market related to determining the volume of the market for production facilities, which is due to the ongoing process of redevelopment, difficulties in determining the classification, and the lack of evidence of vacant space on sites, while some sites have many owners.

The expert also noted that in St. Petersburg there are more than 16 industrial parks and their total area exceeds 2,300 ha. 75% of them operate in greenfield format and 25% in brownfield format (engineering-prepared parks). At the same time, Philip noted that two projects can be attributed to actively developing and high-quality projects that can serve as examples: the Maryino industrial park and the Greenstate industrial park.

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