IPG.Estate: Office redevelopment of the «gray zone»

IPG.Estate experts noted that today about 400 hectares of the «gray zone» in St. Petersburg has been redeveloped, 45% of them have been reformatted for commercial purposes, including administrative and production.

According to IPG.Estate experts, the owners of the property plant territories are reformatting the facilities into technoparks, creating administrative and production clusters, which allows combining the office function with the production in one location. Most of these projects belong to C class, in some cases owners bring objects up to B class, improving the building's infrastructure, engineering equipment,etc. But generally, this work is performed for the specific tenant.

Among the most interesting projects, experts mention technoparks on the territory of the plants «Arsenal», «Red thread» on the Vyborgskaya embankment, «Mechanobr», «Reduktor» at Zaozernaya, Kirov plant, Kozitsky plant, as well as Artplay. These objects belong to C class, but the office space at the plant «Izmeritel» in Chkalovsky, 50 has already class B.

Such projects have an attractive location - this is the "gray zone" of St. Petersburg, which closely adjoins the central part of the city. Their territory allows creating a large parking lot, as well as loading areas for production facilities. Moreover, such facilities are equipped with large electrical capacities due to their original industrial purpose.

The rate for office premises in technoparks is at the level of 700-900 rubles per square meter, including VAT, depending on the requested sizes and the need for additional modernization works.

The rate for production facilities is at the level of 350-500 rubles per square meter, including VAT, depending on the footage and additional equipment. For example, today it is extremely difficult to find production premises of a small square footage (less than 1000 sq.m), and the format of technoparks offer such objects.

«The main demand for such facilities is formed by manufacturing companies, representatives of light industry, companies involved in printing, IT companies that require energy-intensive premises, or start-ups that are just starting a business», – notes Veronika Chakanova, Head of Office Department at IPG.Estate.

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