IPG.Estate: Laminate supplier rented "B" class warehouse space in Northern region

Laminate Supplier Company "Dom TD" rented a block in a warehouse complex “Interterminal – Parnas”. IPG.Estate company acted as a broker of the transaction.

“Dom TD” a laminate supplier. The company has been operating on a Russian market for more than a 12 years, it has been selling wholesale laminate products from leading manufactures from Belgium, France, Norway and other European countries.

The tenant said that “Dom TD” was in search of the warehouse facilities with a possible way to install its own custom design shelves. Moreover, company had a request for the facility and territory security.

A rent deal been signed within two months since the incoming request.

Fillip Chayka – an IPG.Estate department principal of industrial and warehouse real estate says, “It is worth mentioning that initially the client requested to find a warehouse in the southern part of the city. Due to the shortage of high-quality warehouse space on the St. Petersburg market, customers often have to give up some requirements, such as rate levels, or even consider other locations."

However, taking into account the transport network of St. Petersburg and comfortable logistics between the southern and northern parts of the city, customers are ready to change the location, but do not abandon the requirements for quality, security, and professionalism of the management company.

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