IPG.Estate: North-West Branch of GIPROSVYAZ PJSC leased two floors in the Krasutsky 4 Business Center

The North-Western branch of GIPROZVYAZ PJSC leased an office building with an area of 1,581 sq.m in a class B business center at 4 Krasutskogo. IPG.Estate acted as a broker of the transaction.

GIPROSVYAZ PJSC is engaged in the development of projects for the creation, modernization and development of digital infrastructure of telecom operators, commercial and government organizations that are consumers of ICT services.

The company rented two floors in the business center on Krasutskogo st., b.4 with a corridor and cabinet layout.

According to the tenant, the reason for the move was an increase in the number of employees of the branch. At the same time, it was important for the company to minimize the risks of the outflow of some employees due to a change in the address of the office location and to ensure good transport accessibility for employees.

The business center on Krasutskogo 4 is an object of class B. The total area is 4,835 sq.m. The business center is located 650 meters from the Frunzenskaya metro station, in close proximity to Moskovsky Prospekt, has convenient access to the WHSD.Also, the requirements related to the layout of the premises: it was important to maintain the corridor-cabinet system due to the internal business processes of the company, and the engineering characteristics of the facility (electrical power, the ability to install a high-quality server).

“The first viewing of the premises took place in July and the facility was initially suited to the client by all requirements,” comments Ivan Pochinchikov, managing partner of IPG.Estate. “But since the approval process went in a multi-stage way, the landlord showed a loyal attitude to the future tenant, understanding the internal specifics of the business of a large industrial project institute.”

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