IPG.Estate strengthens investment direction

Consulting company IPG.Estate strengthens the investment direction and opens a department for representing investors. Aleksey Lazutin was appointed to the post of department head. The investor submission department will be involved in the support of real estate purchase and sale transactions in the amount of 7-10 million rubles and further lease transactions for the sold assets.


Alexey Lazutin began his professional career in real estate in 2006. Over the years, he worked in companies such as NAI Becar, KPMG, Colliers International, Legenda.

At NAI Becar Alexey served as Director of Investment Sales and Director of Commercial Real Estate. In the digging, Amplion Asset Management was engaged in the management of commercial real estate: Kellermann class A business center, class A premium business center and class A Gorigo warehouse complex. As a director of the industrial real estate department, Colliers International accompanied and supervised rental, purchase and sale transactions and implementation of build-to-suit projects. During his tenure as head of the Legenda commercial real estate sales department, Alexey was responsible for the sale of built-in non-residential premises in the residential complexes Legenda Komendantsky, Legenda Heroes, Legenda Far Eastern, Legenda Business Moskovsky 65.

Ivan Pochinchikov, managing partner of IPG.Estate:

“We started the year 2020 with strengthening the investment direction and launched work on representing the interests of investors. We see prospects in this direction: the key interest rate of the Central Bank is declining, developers are creating a high-quality offer: built-in premises for street retail, apartments, apartments, and private investors seek to maintain their savings. At the moment, real estate remains one of the most reliable tools for preserving and increasing savings in Russia, since this is the only way to invest in which property appears that grows in value over time. ”

Alexey Lazutin, Head of Investor Representation, IPG.Estate:

“Our goal is to bring work with investors to a new level. Until recently, private investors mainly earned on the purchase of real estate at an early stage of construction and its resale after commissioning. We will offer to follow the path of increasing the value of assets through three transactions: buying real estate under an equity agreement, leasing and selling a ready-made functioning business. ”

IPG.Estate will accompany the launch of a new direction in providing investor services with the launch of Apartmaps.ru, an online service for private investors, which will present a catalog of apartments with profitable programs for sale from leading developers in St. Petersburg.

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