IPG.Estate made a rental deal with mail.ru group for office areas in IFC “At the Red Bridge”

IPG.Estate closed a rental deal with largest Russian IT holding. Mail.ru Group has leased 3,538 square meters in the multifunctional complex “At the Red Bridge”.

Mail.ru Group (MAIL.IL, listing since November 5, 2010) - the largest holding in Russia by daily mobile audience (Mediascope Web Index Mobile, population aged 12–64, in cities 100 thou+, February 2018). Mail.ru Group is developing unified integrated platform for communication and entertainment.

BTK Development is a company developing projects in the segments of commercial and suburban residential real estate. The developer’s portfolio includes such landmark projects as: IFC “At the Red Bridge” (73-79 Moika Embankment), Petergofsky Business Center (19 Staro-Petergofsky Ave), BolloevCenter DC (4 Grivtsova Lane), townhouses complex Ollila (resort area of St. Petersburg), the cottage village "Baltic Riviera" (Vyborg district of the Leningrad region).

Holding Mail.ru Group rented the 5th and 7th floors together with a terrace and a dome in the multifunctional complex "At the Red Bridge".

The total leased area is about 3 538 sq.m.

The premises at IFC “At the Red Bridge” will become the third representative office of the holding in St. Petersburg. The first two are located at the Renaissance Pravda business center and the Singer House business center.


“We initially examined high-class office facilities in a premium location within walking distance of the current office in the Singer House Business Center. IFC "At the Red Bridge" is fully consistent with our request, - said Anna Latkina-Turkova, administrative director of Mail.ru Group. “It is noteworthy that this object was designed and built in the likeness of the building of the Singer House, where the VK headquarters are located.” According to Anna Latkina-Turkova, additional social network structures will be located in this facility.

Julia Masalova, Commercial Director of BTK Development, notes that these areas has been vacant almost since the opening of the project in 2012. Initial concept proposed an involvement of a retail operators. At the moment, the multifunctional complex is 100% full.

“IFC“ At the Red Bridge ”is our flagship project, which is considered one of the architectural dominants of St. Petersburg,” says Yulia Masalova.

“I am sure that this transaction satisfied the interests of all parties: with the help of IPG.Estate brokers, we were able to attract a large and stable tenant. The office in such a landmark project for the city will once again emphasize the status and prestige of Mail.ru Group.”

“It is always interesting to work with large and iconic companies,” says Ivan Pochinchikov, managing partner of IPG.Estate. - The lease agreement between BTK Development and Mail.ru Group was signed within a month, since the demand for high-quality areas is consistently high.
Today, the market belongs to the landlord, and tenants understand that any delay is against their plans - the space can be quickly rented by other companies.
The key to the success of this transaction was largely the professionalism, competence and organization of specialists both from the tenant and the landlord.”

The expert also noted that the current situation in the office real estate market is characterized by a minimum level of vacant space. Such conditions push brokers to seek non-standard solutions - to offer commercial space, which in the future will be reformatted for office use.

“We proceeded completely from the client’s request, so we proposed to consider the available space of IFC“ At the Red Bridge ”, - says Ivan Pochinchikov, “Initially, these areas were intended for trading functionality."


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