IPG.Estate: results of 3 years on the market

Ivan Pochinshchikov, Managing Partner of IPG.Estate

IPG.Estate was founded on March 28, 2016. For these three years, the company has occupied its niche in the segments of office, warehouse & industrial, and retail real estate, launched research & consulting, financial markets and investments lines. IPG.Estate, as a local player, is a serious competitor to the four international consulting companies represented in the market of the Northern Capital.

For three years of work, employees of IPG.Estate have sold 76,500 sq. m of office real estate – both for rent and for sale. Such companies as Mail.ru, Huawei, Epam, Nexign, Medpace, Komus and many others are among our clients. In its first year, the company managed to become the finalists of the CRE Moscow Awards in the Deal of the Year category with the largest deal in Russia: Nexign leased about 10,000 sq. m of office space in Smolensky BC. In 2018, our company became a leader among leading consulting companies of St. Petersburg in terms of transactions representing owners' interests – we sold 31,500 square meters of office space. And this is the first indicator for newly opened offices. At the moment, we offer about 25,000 sq. m of office space as an exclusive consultant.

In the segment of industrial and warehouse real estate, we have made a deal for 51,500 square meters of real estate and 7,000 sq. m of land (both for rent and for sale). There are companies of different segments – representatives of online trade, distributors, companies of light and heavy industry – among our clients. At the moment, we have established partnership relations with all the owners of high-quality warehouse and industrial real estate, and we continue our work in this direction. Such companies as Nevskie Vesy, Teplocom, Makita, Leningradcenter, Bushe and many others are among our clients.

In the field of retail real estate, as an exclusive consultant, we offer about 32,000 high-quality retail space in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, including Vernisage Shopping Mall in Kingisepp (with an area of 21,000 square meters), which is scheduled for opening in the first quarter of 2020. The Department is actively working on bringing a number of chains, including Mondo Italia Gallery, Termy MC, etc. to the market. In collaboration with our Research and Consulting Department, just for 2018, the team implemented four concepts of shopping and entertainment malls in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In addition, the Research and Consulting Department, which started its work in 2018, has implemented a number of projects in the commercial real estate segment with a total area of 40,000 sq. m (either already in operation or planned for launching). In addition, about 200 000 sq. m is a volume of consulting projects in commercial real estate, which are currently under development.

Also in 2018, we launched the financial markets and investments line. And currently our portfolio includes a number of office and retail property facilities in Saint-Petersburg and Tyumen, with a total area of 68 000 sq. m, which we offer as an exclusive consultant. 280 000 sq. m of quality commercial space is an investment assets portfolio of our company.

For the three years, we have launched three online information services with a wide range of high-quality commercial real estate: Officemaps.ru, Skladmaps.ru, Retailmaps.ru. The main purpose of our services is to help business representatives to rent office, warehouse & industrial or retail space directly from owners, as well as to create information platforms for getting useful and relevant information. In the future, we plan to launch a similar portal for residential real estate – Apartmaps.ru.

Last year we launched a series of events (that became traditional for the market of Saint-Petersburg) – #IPGMarketInSight, within which we present our analytics of the commercial property market of Saint-Petersburg, and in addition, created the favourable conditions for networking for the leading players of the Northern Capital market, for discussing professional issues, current trends or issues in the market.

One of our important achievements (the one that will allow us to develop at a more active pace) is establishment of partnership relations with one of the leading international consulting companies, which is not yet represented in the market of St. Petersburg. I am sure that our partnership will lead not only us, but also the market as a whole, to significant achievements and projects.

Of course, all these achievements are global work of our team, which is represented by market professionals with huge and significant experience. Each employee of our company has contributed to its development, consistency, and our achievements; that is why we have managed not only to occupy our niche in the market, but also to successfully anchor there and continue to increase our presence and importance.

Three years is a short period of time for business, but we have managed to achieve good results within it.

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