IPG.Estate company leased the warehouse of A class in logistic park «Osinovaya Roscha»

IPG.Estate consummated warehouse lease deal for a company, which specializes in decoration materials. The tenant occupied the space block with the area of 2300 sq.m. in the A class logistic complex «Osinovaya Roscha».

The tenant is a trading company, which sells fit-out materials in St.Petersburg and the North West Region. It is the largest distributor of certain products in North-West Russia. Storage capacity is about 200 sq.m.

While searching, the company was looking for a quality storage of A class, equipped with a rack system, and located in the north part of the city with easy transport accessibility and nearness to the ring road.

«Osinovaya Roscha» is the largest logistic complex in the North West region of A class with the total area of 150 000 sq. m. on a territory of 60 hectares. It is located on the cross of Gorskoe highway, Vyborgskoe highway, and the ring road. It has its separate highway junction with the direct exit to the ring road.

«There are significantly less offers of A class quality storage in the north part of the city than in the southward, while customer demand is relatively high. Without full knowledge of the market it is quite difficult to find quality premises in this location, – marks Filipp Chayka, the head of industrial and warehouse department in IPG.Estate».

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