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Mrs. Olga Kozhevnikova has been appointed to the position of the head of the IPG.Estate's Retail Real Estate Department. Holding this position, she will be engaged in the development of this Company's area and the expansion of the project portfolio in the trading segment throughout Russia.

Olga's professional experience in the retail real estate market is 16 years. Previously, she was employed by such companies as Reim Smt, East Real, Union Invest, Petromir, Ltd. The geography of the projects implemented by her covers St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tula and Samara regions. The list of her clients includes large developers of the North-West region such as Otdelstroy, Ltd., the Companies Groups - Arsenal-Real Estate and RosStroyInvest. In 2014, Olga brought a large network of finishing materials called "Oboikin" to the market of St. Petersburg. Over the past year, she has actively cooperated with her Italian colleagues in bringing the Mondo Italia Gallery network of multi-format department stores to the market of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

As Olga Kozhevnikova comments: "The main trend of high-quality retail real estate for the coming years will be the reconception of obsolete formats. The decision to change the format will be directly related to its subsequent investment attractiveness. In recent years, there have been new trends in the field of retail real estate. For one reason or another, popular brands are leaving the Russian market, new areas are actively developing, and innovative technologies are being introduced. Now, more than ever, it is important to be aware of the need for these changes."

In 2007, the concept of TRC "Kantemirovsky" (TRC Europolis) was developed with her participation, which purpose was to attract investment in the project. The expert's practice also includes developing and implementing concepts for the development of retail real estate, implementing renovation projects for shopping centers in order to increase their profitability, and making investment analysis of land resources in order to find commercially viable options for their use.

In 2015, the Admiral shopping center won, with Olga's direct participation, the prestigious CRE Awards in the category "Small Shopping Center".

As Ivan Pochinshchikov, IPG.Estate Managing Partner, notes: "We decided to start a new business season with the strengthening of the team in the retail real estate segment. And taking into account the market conditions, we understand that the amount of work is almost limitless. I am confident that, being led by Olga, we will be able to achieve high results. The analysis of the market shows that approximately 75% of retail facilities in St. Petersburg were introduced before 2011. Taking into account the fact that the service period of the facility is 7-8 years, the need to renovate the main share of the shopping center is obvious."

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