Andrei Svistunov

Andrei Svistunov
Business Development Director

For 10 years of working experience Andrei has  grew up from the head of the  business  development department  in such companies as "Progress-Neva" and "Renaissance Insurance" to the Director of the branch of the Swiss company ZURICH and GUTA –insurance company.

Andrei started working in the  real estate business in 2015, as a manager of one of the largest management companies of St. Petersburg –“Remont i ekspluatatsiya nedvizhimosti” (REN)– a company which is managing a network of business centres, industrial, commercial and warehouse objects and owns over 1 million square meters of space. In this  company Andrey’s  main goal was the creation  of an  active commercial real estate sales department  and the creation of a new project  for leasing office, manufacturing and warehouse spaces. From the first month of Andrey’s work, the company increased a volume of leased office spaces  in 3 times.

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