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IPG.Estate: closed the lease of the business center "Karl Zadler's House" of class B+ by the network of coworking "Praktik"

БЦ «Дом Карла Задлера»

6 285 m2

8-я линия В.О., дом 25


  • Find a room with an area of about 2,000 sq. m for coworking in the central part of the city and in walking distance from the metro.


IPG.Estate offered to consider for full rent the business center "Karl Zadler". At the first viewing, the tenant had the idea to create a multifunctional modern space for work and leisure. The stage of readiness at the time of negotiations allowed the "Practice" to make adjustments to the design project.


One of the high-quality multifunctional spaces with coworking from the Praktik network has appeared in St. Petersburg.

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Антикризисное предложение

Мы подготовили для Вас "обзорные" подборки объектов, которые быстро помогут решить вопросы аренды и срочного переезда в новый офис, покупки ЗУ под собственные и инвестиционные цели, сохранения накоплений при инвестировании в доходную недвижимость.

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