IPG.Estate: CRT Group of IT Companies Leased NEVKA Business Centre

Деловой центр NEVKA

3200 m2

ул. Гельсингфорсская, д. 3

CRT Group of Companies became an anchor lessee for NEVKA Business Centre in Vyborgsky district, after renting 3,200 sq. m of office premises. IPG.Estate company was a broker of the leasing deal. 

CRT Group of Companies is a developer of innovative systems in the sphere of computer-aided learning, big data analysis, speech technologies, faces recognition, voice biometry, as well as recording and analysis of audio and video-information. The Group of Companies was founded in 1990 (www.speechpro.ru).

NEVKA Business Centre is a modern multi-functional complex of В+ class. The re-development project is located in a building of a former cotton mill of the XIX century, having the same name – Nevka. A brick five-storey building of early English industrial architecture was built in 1849. By the end of 2016, a complex project of making the building suitable for present-day usage, including the building exterior reconstruction, engineering systems replacement, and interior decoration in a loft style, had been completed. The total area of the facility is 5,254 sq. m (www.bc-nevka.com).

According to CRT’s representative, the company was looking for a new present-day and hi-tech office, meeting its development strategy for at least the nearest 5 years. The company had special requirements for the quality of engineering systems in the premises, able to provide comfortable working conditions for office personnel. The additional advantage of the facility is its views – to the Bolshaya Nevka, to the Botanic Garden and to the TV tower. Iliya Viktorovich Koltsov, CEO of the managing company, notes, that CRT Group of Companies has become an anchor lessee of the facility. The deal is extremely mutually beneficial, mostly due to effective intermediation of IPG.Estate.

Besides CRT, a modern café and a canteen are located in the business centre, works on a cross-fit club and a SPA centre opening are almost completed. “An interesting feature of the building is an exploited roof with wind protection, – mentions Andrey Svistunov, Director for Development of IPG.Estate. – As we managed to agree with the building owner, the lessee will have an opportunity to hold “open air” events on the roof, enjoying the views to the city panoramas”. The Expert also notes, that the main distinctive feature of the deal is a geographic relocation of the office – earlier the company’s office was located in Moskovsky district. “For IT companies keeping the same office location is not a necessary condition, – gives his comments Andrey Svistunov. – For quite a long period of time we see, that companies of IT segment move from one district of the city to another, while looking more qualitive, more hi-tech offices, using every opportunity to provide their staff with maximum comfortable conditions”.

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