IPG.Estate и Cushman & Wakefield led a new tenant to business center "Renaissance Premium"

Renaissance Premium

847,3 m2

Решетникова, 14А

The tenant occupied an office space with an area of 847,3 square meters with a combined layout on the fourth floor of the building with panoramic glazing along the entire perimeter. You can find beautiful city view from the office.

Renaissance Premium is a modern business Center class A facility designed for successful companies of Russian and international businesss.  The object is located in the Moscow area: Reshetnikova st., 14A. The total area of the object is 18 762 sq.m. The owner is Renaissance Development. The portfolio of developer assets in St. Petersburg includes 8 high-class business centers in the business locations of the city with a total area of more than 150 thousand square meters.

Margarita Janushko, rental manager of Renaissance Development, notes that all network facilities, including Renaissance Premium, comply with all international standards for quality of office property of Class A. Proof of this is the high occupancy of facilities - the bulk of which are represented by international and large Russian companies.

Ilya Kuznetsov, Head of the "Regions of Russia: Corporate Services" department of Cushman & Wakefield:"When the company was choosing a new office, the tenant company presented a number of serious requirements that related to location, quality of the object, planning decisions, as well as the possibility of further growth and development within the facility. It was important for the top management of the company to create the most comfortable conditions for the effective work of employees. The business center of Renaissance Development company met the requirements of the company as much as possible."

"The task before us was to quickly find a new office that meets all the company's requirements," comments Ivan Pochinshchikov Managing Partner of IPG.Estate. - The choice in favor of the business center Renaissance Premium was made relatively quickly, despite the fact that the coordination of all terms of the lease passed through the head office in China. It is worth noting that in many ways the deal was made thanks to the loyal policy of the owner, who was really focused on the interests and requirements of customers. "

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