IPG.Estate: Meat Products Supplier Has Rented a Cold Store

комплекс холодильного хранения «КРЭС»

конфиденциально m2

ул. Якорная, 17


  1. Selection of the target within the limited offer and low vacancy
  2. Market analysis taking into account the requirements of the client (a class A storage rack closest to the city center, with convenient transport links between other warehouses, the office and the company’s production)
  3. Object inspection
  4. Lease agreement


IPG.Estate provided storage space in the KRES refrigeration storage complex. The complex with an area of 32,000 sq.m is located a couple of kilometers from the city center and 9 km from the ring road and fully meets the client's requirements for the location. Shelf storage, in the chambers and in the expedition area all floors with hardening coating, LED lighting (soft and comfortable light) is used, modern electric equipment of the famous German manufacturer Jungheinrich is used for loading and unloading.


Gourmanin, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality meat products, rented storage space in a Class A refrigeration terminal.

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