IPG.Estate sold Birch House business premises in one quarter

Бизнес-центр Birch House

конфиденциально m2

ул. Белоостровская, 6


  1. Assessment of an object and its market position
  2. Marketing Strategy Development
  3. Search for tenants of commercial real estate


IPG.Estate represented the interests of one of the owners of the property, Rial LLC, as an exclusive marketing and leasing consultant. The business center on Beloostrovskaya was named - Birch House. Rotation of current tenants.


Within one quarter, brokers of the office real estate department of IPG.Estate company leased out the area of the business center - two new lease agreements were concluded: with the companies IVTrade and COMR. Currently, the occupancy of the business center is 100%.

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