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IT-company “SKB Kontur” rented the office in “Gelsingforsskiy” business center

Бизнес-центр «Гельсингфорсский»

1 100 m2

Санкт-Петербург, Гельсингфорсская, 2


  • Object with high transport accessibility
  • High-quality engineering and technical equipment of the facility
  • Organization of relocation


When preparing the project, the construction department of our company developed planning solutions for the office of SKB Kontur, and prepared a complete budget for the relocation. Such a move partially served as a determining factor for the tenant in favor of Helsingforsky, since the tenant was able to visually imagine what the office of the company would be, how it would be possible to build work processes, and the financial side of the issue was disclosed. ”


The SKB Kontur IT company rented an office in the Helsingfors Business Center. The company rented a shell & core.

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Мы подготовили для Вас "обзорные" подборки объектов, которые быстро помогут решить вопросы аренды и срочного переезда в новый офис, покупки ЗУ под собственные и инвестиционные цели, сохранения накоплений при инвестировании в доходную недвижимость.

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