Search of the office for IT company “Peter-Service” and its equipment

Бизнес-центр «Смоленский»

9673 m2

Санкт-Петербург, Уральская, 4

IT-company “Peter-Service” has been searching for a new office in Saint Petersburg more than 7 years
Basic requirements of the company to the premises were highly possible large open space lay out with the ability of implementation its own design, high-quality engineering equipment of the object, compliance with safety requirements, transport accessibility and so on. It was necessary to find an office for 800-900 employees (at least 9000 m²).
Focusing on customer requirements, the options in the center of Saint Petersburg were excluded, as when they are reconstructed, they would have to scarify many things, for example, ceilings height at a lining of communications. Рассматривались несколько вариантов, в том числе и промышленные помещения на территории завода «Арсенал», переформатирование которых требовало больших инвестиций.
Several options were under consideration, including industrial premises on the territory of the “Arsenal” plant, the reformatting of which required large investments.
It took 1,5 year from the beginning of work on this project to the conclusion of a contract. Nowadays the company occupies Today the company occupies an office area of 9273 m² and 400 m² of the roof in the business center "Smolensky". It is almost 2/3 of the building.
Now our company is engaged in the supply and installation of office furniture for “Peter-Service": working areas, meeting rooms, recreation areas.

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