Design and equipment of the office of the Center for Speech Technologies

БЦ "Nevka"

3 500 m2

Санкт-Петербург, БЦ Nevka


  • Office Design
  • Supply and installation of office partitions for zoning purposes
  • Local work with utilities
  • Supply and installation of furniture in work areas, meeting rooms, common areas and kitchens


In November 2018, the office real estate department closed the lease of office space by the MDG company in the Nevka business center. The next stage of our work was the design of the office, its zoning and equipment.

NEVKA Business Center is a project of redevelopment of the building of the former paper spinning mill of the 19th century. In 2016, a comprehensive project was completed to adapt the building to modern use, replace engineering systems and interior design in loft style. In view of this, the tenant initially occupied premises with quality finishes. Only local work with engineering systems was required.

IPG.Estate Design Studio completed the design of the office based on the company's business processes. Glass partitions were installed for the purpose of zoning the office: dividing into offices, allocation of meeting rooms.

Furniture was supplied and installed in work areas, meeting rooms, kitchens and recreation areas.


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