Property Management

The service is provided to both owners of commercial real estate and business representatives (tenants or end users of the building). Commercial property management involves commercial and administrative-technical management of objects.

Management of real estate is a set of services for the existing facility, which ensures the effective functioning of the building and constant profit.

Commercial property management (property management) is aimed at increasing the profitability of the object, optimizing the rental strategy, increasing capitalization and increasing the investment attractiveness of the object, reducing the commercial risks of the owner.

A combination of rental services and real estate management is important for the formation of a stable solvent pool of tenants and is the basis of commercial management.

The purpose of property management is to monitor the condition of the facility, ensure uninterrupted operation of engineering systems, reduce and optimize operating costs for the operation of the facility, ensure fire safety at the facility, comply with sanitary and hygienic norms of the law at the facility, ensure comfortable and safe conditions of stay at the facility.


The experience of the team exceeds 20 years. Specialists took an active part in the management of office, retail, warehouse and industrial real estate objects that are significant for the market: commissioning and subsequent completion of facilities, legal support, buying and selling buildings, and so on.

Administrative success

Understanding the technical requirements of potential tenants, the state of the market and the competitive environment, knowledge of the possibilities of a commercial real estate object allow us to develop projects to improve the technical condition of the object for the long term. Thus, the level of demand for rental space that meets infrastructure and technical requirements from actively developing companies is increasing.

Commercial success

The purpose of commercial real estate management is to increase the return on the asset for the owner through the conception, renovation, rotation and work with current tenants. The IPG.Estate team is able to improve the facility in all directions: analyze the facility and offer options for the most efficient and best use, perform the function of a technical customer, rotate the facility with the involvement of large anchor tenants.

Property Management Contains

1. Strategic management, business planning

Forecasting cash flows and net operating income;

Development of a monthly and annual operating budget, analysis of the existing budget, control over its implementation.

2. Financial management and financial reporting

Management accounting, providing monthly, annual reporting;

Billing, control of timeliness and accuracy of payments;

Control of receivables and payables.

3. Lease management, tenant rotation

Interaction with current tenants, work with inquiries, loyalty program and improvement of microclimate for tenants;

Work on renewing contracts for a new term, prolonging existing contracts, indexing;

Maintenance of lease agreements, monitoring the implementation of contractual obligations;

Optimization of the rental strategy, leasing of vacant premises, maintaining a waiting list.

4. Operational and commercial marketing

A detailed analysis of the object and the development of solutions, measures to increase its profitability;

Recommendations on the efficient use of common areas;

Development of individual marketing programs and promotional materials to increase interest in the property of potential tenants and visitors;

Development of a marketing strategy for promoting an object on the market, a PR object, analysis of the effectiveness of these activities.

5. Operation and maintenance of the facility

Operation of engineering systems;

Provision of consumables for operation and maintenance;

Management and control of the work of technical personnel;

Organization and control of contractor organizations;

Interaction with city and federal authorities, supervisory authorities;

Fulfillment of tenants' applications for minor repairs, technical work;


6. Administrative service

Administrative services;

Organization and control of the administrative service at the facility;

Organization and maintenance of the access control system of tenants and visitors to the facility;

Maintenance of the fire alarm;

Prevention of emergency situations and prompt response when they occur;

Training tenants and staff to act in emergency and emergency situations.

7. Cleaning service

Providing daily and general premises;

Cleaning services for tenants;

External cleaning: washing windows, facades;

Cleaning the surrounding area, garbage and snow removal, snow and ice removal from roofs, maintenance of green spaces and lawns in the territory;

Maintaining the facility in good condition, compliance with sanitary-hygienic and environmental legislation.

Sertificates and awards


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