Ivan Pochinshchikov

Ivan Pochinshchikov
IPG.Estate managing partner


Ivan embarked upon his career at Colliers International Consulting Company in the position of an assistant of the residential real estate department. Over 3 years of his professional activities in the company Ivan reached high results both in residential and commercial real estate in the position of a Consultant of the Department of Office and Industrial Real Estate. In 2006 Ivan joined Austrian East Real broker’s company. Over 10 years of work in this company in the positions of the Director of the Office Real Estate Department, Development Director, Commercial Director and Partner of the company Ivan succeeded in bringing East Real to the leading positions in the segment. According to the edition of The Commercial Real Estate – Northwest the company was among the three nest broker’s companies of Saint Petersburg. Ivan was directly involved on a co-exclusive basis in the marketing and broker support of such major and landmark projects for Saint Petersburg as Airport City MFC (Avielen AG) and Nevskaya Ratusha Business Quarters (M CJSC). He implemented relocation for such major western and Russian companies as:

  • Mail.ru - 2500 sq.m.;
  • Jet Brains - 6000 sq.m.;
  • Exigen Services - 5000 sq.m..;
  • Delovie Line - 5000 sq.m..;
  • Renneisans insurance - 3500 sq.m.;
  • K-Rauta – 2500 sq.m.
  • Zoloto 585 -3000 sq.m..;
  • Technip - 3000 sq.m.;
  • Gazprom Neft– 3000 sq.m..;
  • MRSK Severo-Zapad – 3000 sq.m.
  • Epam Systems – 6600 sq.m.

Ivan has more than 10-year experience of work in the real estate sphere.

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