The property valuation service is provided to developers and property owners, investors, financial institutions, tenants to determine the value (market, investment, etc.) of real estate for the purpose of making monetary transactions.

The department’s specialists conduct an audit and an accurate assessment of the value of real estate, land plots, finished revenue objects and unfinished buildings, and comprehensive asset portfolios.

Market valuation of real estate is carried out for various purposes, among which the closing of transactions on the sale of objects / portfolios of assets of another company, or the acquisition or merger of organizations, raising funds, collateral, restructuring and bankruptcy of companies and others.

IPG.Estate specialists offer comprehensive solutions for each client, which are developed on the basis of research and our experience with all segments of the real estate markets.

Work with relevant information

The research and consulting department regularly publishes research on all segments of the real estate market: changing situations, player behavior, the influence of economic factors.

Individual approach to each client

Each property, land is unique and requires serious study and study of a large number of factors that affect its condition, profitability and prospects.


The team fulfills obligations to each client and guarantees that deadlines are met, even in cases where the period of work is limited by objective circumstances.

Stages of real estate valuation services

  1. Analysis of the request and the search for a contractor for the state assessment of real estate
  2. Real Estate Market Valuation
  3. Issuing an expert opinion on the market value of an object
  4. Providing recommendations and concepts for increasing the profitability and payback of an object

Sertificates and awards


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