The company IPG.Estate provides a range of services for assessing property assets: land, ready-made profitable real estate, unfinished buildings, complex portfolios of assets.

Objectives of real estate valuation:

  • Sale of assets;
  • Attraction of crediting;
  • Valuation of collateral assets.

Our clients:

  • Investors who are interested in purchasing investment portfolios or objects;
  • Owners of lending for business development;
  • Owners whose objects are in pledge;
  • Corporations for which real estate is not a core business.

Specialists of IPG.Estate offer complex solutions for each client, which are based on research and our experience in all real estate markets

We will help:

  • Evaluate the portfolio of property assets of the company, determine the vector of business development and prioritize the distribution of investments;
  • Identify non-core assets and convert them into revenue;
  • Investigate the current state of the facilities, create a short-term and long-term business development strategy and its margins.

Services in the sale of property assets

We offer a range of services for the sale of property assets, the purpose of which is to increase the economic effect of the transaction and minimize risks.

Our services:

  • Evaluation and financial modeling;
  • Conducting an independent comprehensive examination;
  • Searching for potential buyers, negotiating, managing transaction processes;
  • Tax planning and structuring.

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