The integrated approach of IPG.Estate Company implies Appraisal of the use of the tenants’ office space.  

Many tenants use their premises ineffectively and think of changing the office due to high costs.  

The specialists of IPG.Estate Company propose saving of up to 30% of your budget using your current office.  

 Our approach implies the following actions:

  • Analysis of the existing space
  • Changes of the space-planning solutions
  • Substitution of the furniture solutions for more effective ones
  • Trade in of the existing furniture (we are ready to relieve you from the old ineffective furniture and take its cost into account in buying new furniture from our partner)
  • Negotiations and getting the approval from the owner of the business center regarding constructive changes of the premises
  • Negotiations with the owner regarding refusal from some part of the premises in the business center in case of a signed long-term lease agreement
  • Sublease of extra space.

In case of a failure to get the owner's approval for reconstruction of the premises we will move you free of charge to a new comfortable office saving your budget. We have saved the funds for such companies as Exigen Services – rent of 8,000 sq. m – moving to 5,000 sq.m, Renessans Strakhovanie – 6,000 sq. m – moving to 3,500 sq. Delovye Linii – 7,500 sq. m – 5,000 sq.m and many others.

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