About the company

IPG.Estate – consulting company in commercial real property. The team provides a range of services to tenants, owners and investors both in the domestic and foreign markets. Our experts accompany deals in different segments such as industrial, warehouse, office, retail and residential property.

Our services

We offer services in strategic consulting and real property appraisal, brokerage and selling of investment assets and investment portfolios, as well as project marketing and promotion services.

Our advantages

Our specialists have 12 years of work experience in commercial property in Russia and the world. During this period, we have established a broad partner network with leading players of the market, created a large database strengthened by positive experience of cooperation.

The staff practices individual approach to the implementation of each project and each deal, demonstrating professional work to developing a strategy to achieve your goals.

Staff specification permits to carry out any project of commercial real estate in a complex way, staring with real property appraisal and consulting to implementation and further marketing promotion. At work we rely not only on our experience but also on achievements of our international companions and adapt the most effective solutions to the realities of Russian market.

Over the years of its existence, we have established the reputation in the spheres of brokerage and consulting services. We have an access to the data, collected by our experts all over the world.

In IPG.Estate Company you can get professional help from specialists, who are ready to begin work in any initial conditions. We find the best options for transformation your ideas into valuable assets, which will bring you stable profit.

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