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Real estate investment remains one of the most stable investment instruments in the Russian market.

Management of investment projects is one of the important activities of the company. The Department of Financial Markets and Investments works with both institutional and private investors who are interested in buying objects or portfolios of commercial assets to get a return on investment. Experts also represent the interests of owners and developers who sell real estate, and the interests of companies for which real estate is a non-core business.

IPG.Estate`s team regularly works on updating our portfolio of assets and offers the sale and purchase of office, retail, hotel, warehouse and industrial real estate.

Real estate purchase transactions are made on favorable and safe conditions: when working on projects, specialists collect data on participants and real market prices. We maintain confidentiality of information, guaranteeing it with the terms of trade secrets.

IPG.Estate specialists offer investors the best options for profitable real estate for the short, medium and long term.

Specialists will help owners and developers to develop the most profitable strategy for the sale of real estate after an audit of the property, a pool of tenants, the competitive environment and other market indicators.


Our specialists began working in the financial market of St. Petersburg at the time of its formation - more than 15 years. Practical experience and participation in the formation of the real estate market and the capital market of St. Petersburg make it possible to accurately predict their behavior. The list of successfully closed commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions involving international and Russian companies actually shows the professionalism and competence of our actions.

Portfolio of investment assets

We regularly replenish the portfolio of investment assets, expand our own database of exclusive objects. We use open information, as well as work with sensitive data. Currently, the total value of assets in the company's portfolio is 55 billion rubles. The geography of the projects covers the territory of Russia.

Full cycle

Our company provides a full cycle of real estate. At the stage of searching for an object for purchase, we analyze the current technical condition of the object and its investment attractiveness, predict the prospects and relevance of the asset in the market. The sale is not the only link in our work. We offer scenarios for the development of an object that can increase its profitability: rotation of tenants, renovation, change of purpose, and so on.

Stages of investment services

  1. Detailed analysis of the object, development of an investment memorandum, drawing up a list of potential buyers
  2. Object marketing, negotiations with investors, signing of LOI and offers
  3. Maintenance Due Diligence, preparation of the contract and the optimal implementation structure
  4. Successful closing of the transaction and subsequent coordination of legal and technical consultants

Sertificates and awards


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