Investment services

IPG Estate renders services for the investors interested in the purchase of the investment portfolios and facilities. Our specialists offer complex solutions for each customer, which are developed on the basis of the researches and our experience of work on the capital markets.   

Highly-qualified investment specialists possessing knowledge and experience of work with all property types in many countries of the world, work in our company. Consultations are provided both to private persons and to large investors with the assets of over 10 mln USD.

We are ready to assist you in the search for the most efficient solutions for the investors aiming to enter the real estate market. You can also use our services, if you need to dispose of the investment portfolios or facilities.  Customers come to us, when they need:

  1. Perfect knowledge of the investment process

Our experts will collect and provide you all the necessary data about transactions participants and real market prices, so that you could safely and beneficially implement transactions on the capital and real estate markets. Our team also includes specialists who excellently know all investment nuances and risks on different markets.

  1. Assistance in purchasing

If you need to implement a real estate purchase transaction, we will recommend you the optimal options in any market sector both for short-term and the long-term period.

  1. Assistance in sale

We provide consulting on how you shall act if you have any real estate or unproductive investments. E will also help you to develop the most beneficial strategy for property sale if your aim is profit taking.   With our participation, you can expect maximum efficiency from the transaction with the minimum risks.


What you can gain from cooperation with IPG Estate

  • At first, data provision. Our company has enormous experience in the field of investment sales. We have hundreds of successfully completed transactions all over the world, as well as huge database of all real estate facilities, sellers, purchasers and current market prices. All of it will help you to complete purchase or sale of the investment portfolios and facilities in a quick and beneficial manner.
  • Secondly, high professionalism. We have experience of interaction with the investors in various real estate sectors. We provided assistance in execution of transactions for retail, hotel, private real estate, residential real estate and the same in the health care sector. Our interests are not limited by this, either. Besides, our team is well aware of such issues, as real estate management, lease, facility evaluation etc. Due to this, we have the opportunity to develop well-balanced and effective solutions tailored to your tasks.
  • Thirdly, international interaction. Our specialists will work with you on the local level, and, at the same time, they have the access and necessary experience for investments and development of sales strategy in any country. Cooperation with the international network comprised of all parts of the world, guarantesd the most beneficial use of your investments.


Advantages offered by IPG Estate

In our work, we are pursuing such aims as the increase of your business profitability and capitalization. Addressing us, you receive the following advantages:

Comprehensive approach

We not only thoroughly study and select the best solution for each investor, but also use international experience of all experts of our company. You can receive not only consultations on investments with us, but also the assistance in transaction completion. We know how to organize trust management, settle senior debt issues, implement recapitalization and many other issues.  

Development of individual strategy

Our team is of the opinion that each facility is unique, therefore each customer needs certain solutions for the set tasks. Upon strategic plan development, our specialists always consider data about the cash flow, market conditions, last analysis of the local market and new tendencies.  This allows to learn the exact parameters, without which the successful goals achievement is impossible.   

International level

We always monitor all changes both on the local and the international levels. Our team is ready to provide consulting on investments in any country of the world.  Besides, with our help, you receive the access to the international real estate and capital markets.  

Resources and experience

IPG Estate partners work in 25 countries of the world. Therefore, for individual solution development, we use excellent knowledge of the market and the investment process in general.  Due to this, all customers obtain maximum effective method of their goals achievement. 

Our company possesses unique knowledge, huge international network and commitment. These are only primary reasons, due to which hundreds of customers chose us. Each year, our company concludes large-scale transactions in different countries. With our participation, real estate owners and investors get perfect opportunities and financial prosperity.  


Специалисты компании начали работу на финансовом рынке Петербурга в момент его формирования - более 15 лет. Практический опыт и участие в становлении рынка недвижимости и рынка капитала Санкт-Петербурга дают возможность точно прогнозировать их поведение. Перечень успешно закрытых сделок купли-продажи коммерческой недвижимости с участием международных и российских компаний в действительности показывает профессиональность и компетентность наших действий.

Портфель инвестиционных активов

Мы регулярно пополняем портфель инвестиционных активов, расширяют собственную базу эксклюзивных объектов. Мы пользуемся открытой информацией, а также работаем с закрытыми данными. На настоящий момент суммарная стоимость активов в портфеле компании составляет 55 млрд. рублей. География проектов охватывает территорию России.

Полный цикл

Наша компания оказывает полный цикл работ с недвижимостью. На этапе поиска объекта в покупку мы проводим анализ текущего технического состояния объекта и его инвестиционной привлекательности, прогнозируем перспективность и востребованность актива на рынке. Сделка купли-продажи не является единственным звеном нашей работы. Мы предлагаем сценарии развития объекта, которые могут увеличить его рентабельность: ротация арендаторов, реновация, смена назначения и так далее.

Этапы оказания инвестиционных услуг 

  1. Детальный анализ объекта, разработка инвестиционного меморандума, составление списка потенциальных покупателей
  2. Маркетинг объекта, переговоры с инвесторами, подписание LOI и офферти
  3. Сопровождение Due Diligence, подготовка договора и оптимальной структуры реализации
  4. Успешное закрытие сделки и последующие координации юридических и технических консультантов

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