Representation of the Owner’s interests

IPG Estate company specializes in the development of strategic programs for the lessor. Our specialists pursue the same aims as increase of assets values, reduction of transaction and current expenditures, as well as development of continuous large cash flows.   

Experts of our company offer additional services to the lessor as well. For example, projects management, assistance in facility preparation for commissioning, evaluation, real estate management.

We provide professional analysis of real estate on the basis of its location, market situation, approved plans of individual construction. The owner will receive efficient leasing strategies, marketing programs and comprehensive assistance in negotiations. We guarantee that the provided strategy was developed after thorough appraisal of the real estate location, terms and potential customers.  

Our specialists have experience of work with office spaces owners all over the world. Upon cooperation, it does not matter to us, whether you hold one facility or multiple real estate in different countries. In each certain case you can expect search for the best lessee. You can also address us for getting the following services:

Marketing strategy development

Our program will help you to forecast the market situation. Moreover, you will always have data with the help of which you will persuade brokers and lessees in advantages of your property.   

Achievement of the maximum level of facility use and its price

Our experience in positioning and aggressive negotiations holding allows to find lessees within the shortest possible period and offer your premises for the price exceeding the market one.

Risks minimization and optimal facilities management

Upon lease contracts signing, IPG Estate brokers ensure that their effective terms do not overlap.   It means that you will not experience a situation when a large number of lessees moves out within one and the same period. Due to this, you receive a minimum down-time period and stable financial flows.  

Benefit from cooperation with IPG Estate

Our company is a team of professionals capable of finding optimal solutions for the Owner’s goals achievement in any conditions. We are contacted for receipt of the following services:

  1. Strategy development

With our help, you can assess and correlate facility characteristics with the financial, strategic, commercial and operational purposes. We will recommend you the most appropriate option of your property positioning, so that you could advertise your property efficiently for customers attraction.  

  1. Provision of up-to-date information about the market

We carry out continuous analysis of the real estate market, therefore, we can adjust strategies in accordance with the latest data. Besides, we will promptly inform you about upcoming expiry of the contract lease terms, prospective solvent lessees and large companies planning to expand their activities.   

  1. Financial analysis

Our experts are ready to carry out analysis of the lessees’ proposals in order to select the options most suitable for your financial plans. We will also undertake negotiations for agreement about the most favorable leasing terms.

  1. Lease support

Our specialists will coordinate all transaction nuances with you and your lawyers, so that the contract would be signed in your best interests. Besides, we will start to prepare the initial and counter proposals for lease.  


Our advantages

Our company has stable position in the real estate market, which allows us to increase the facility value. We definitely know how to represent the owner’s interests, market the facility and attract potential customers with account of the developed ownership strategy. Our customers also receive the following advantages:

Absence of geographical boundaries

We run more than one hundred and sixty offices all over the world. This allows us to provide access to the huge international database of lessees for maximum benefit gaining.

Resources and experience

IPG Estate occupies leading positions in the area of real estate transactions. We are ready to provide the best conditions on any global market, since we have large resources and perfect knowledge of the local markets. We permanently cooperate with the colleagues from other countries in order to provide access for you to our corporate database of the lessor and thee lessees.

Representation of the Lessees’/Purchasers’ interests

Unstable international economy significantly affects the real estate market. Pricing policy of the sellers and lessor, budgets of the purchasers and lessees change. Supply and demand indicators get out of the balance. Objective nature of the concept “facility price” disappears as such. In order to make real estate purchase/sale bring benefit, IPG Estate experts offer lessees and purchasers a new, updated format of their interests representation.


What the lessees/purchasers need?

  • Purchase/lease of a facility, which in a certain short- long-term outlook will solve their problems and will demonstrate the desired profitability.
  • Efficient selection of several market proposals conforming to customers’ requirements to the maximum extent.
  • Implementation of all transactions procedures in the efficient and seamless manner from the legal point of view.

We solve all such challenges by diligent planning of real estate transactions, analytical justification of the possibility of implementation of our customers’ investment projects and determination of their effectiveness.  


Market analysis – basis for decisions making on the real estate market

Each step on the real estate market of any type shall be calculated. An investor purchasing or leasing real estate, needs accurate forecast an analysis of its profitability, as well as the existing risks assessment.  Our specialists will help to:

  • Clearly formulate the task, which the investor is planning to solve by means of transaction implementation;
  • Coordinate the task with the real estate market strategy;
  • Find its optimal solution.


What is more beneficial – purchase or lease?     

We regularly monitor the market situation, diligently comparing values of the facilities purchase price with the effective lease rates. We carry out the comparative analysis of several facilities and assess their commercial characteristics, infrastructure and financial indicators of use. Objective comparison allows to determine the most profitable facility and appropriate version of transaction implementation. From the financial point of view, lease is not always less expendable than real estate purchase.


Facility operation format and profitability

Our experts will offer the most effective option of the purchased real estate operation. Complete realization of it opportunities includes both financial component (increase of profit and  reduction of maintenance expenses) and recommendations for the increase of its service life.


Advantages of the structured approach of IPG Estate

Professional planning of real estate transactions allows the lessees and the purchasers not to waste time for inspection of nondescript facilities not conforming to their interests. Target choice implemented by the professionals, takes into consideration the following aspects:

  • Facility location and sizes;
  • Existing transport infrastructure and pedestrian flows;
  • Effectiveness of the planned intended use of the real estate facility;
  • Marketing opportunities;
  • Financial prospects.

For customer’s funds saving and growth:

  • Appropriate scheme of transaction financing is developed;
  • Expert evaluation of the effective lease contract is performed;
  • Contract conditions are discussed and reviewed for the increase of the facility operation profitability;
  • If required, investors or credit funds are raised upon real estate purchase under conditions favorable for the customer


Investing into real estate with the assistance of IPG Estate experts, you will gain the maximum effect of its use, and, if necessary, you will be able to release the invested funds in the efficient and beneficial manner.

Активно предлагаем ваш объект

15 лет реализуем офисные, складские, производственные и торговые помещения.

Продвигаем ваш объект на всех топовых площадка по поиску коммерческой недвижимости, включая собственные площадки по поиску офисной, складской и торговой недвижимости:,,

Активно работаем с листом ожидания арендаторов и покупателей.

Знаем рынок

Отдел исследований и консалтинга ежеквартально выпускает отчеты по состоянию рынков офисной, торговой, складской и индустриальной недвижимости. Таким образом мы отслеживаем состояние конъюнктуры рынка, поведение арендаторов, изменение требований к помещениям.

Регулярно выпускам исследования по новым форматам недвижимости, изучая их жизнеспособность и риски, доходность, окупаемость, инвестиционный потенциал.

Налаженные связи

Поддерживаем постоянную связь с крупнейшими российскими и иностранными арендаторами и покупателями коммерческой недвижимости через персонализированную рассылку, соц. сети и собственные мероприятия.

Мы организаторы серии мероприятий IPGMarketInsight, которые проводятся для девелоперов и собственников, инвесторов, представителей бизнеса - арендаторов и потенциальных покупателей недвижимости в собственное пользование.

Этапы оказания услуги брокериджа

  1. Оцениваем объект и предложения конкурентов
  2. Проводим широкую рекламную компанию на тематических площадках в т.ч.,, и персональные рассылки заинтересованным арендаторам.
  3. Демонстрируем объект заинтересованным арендаторам
  4. Вы заключаете договор об аренде на взаимовыгодных условиях

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