Commercial lease

Commercial lease is a service that is provided to companies of all business segments. It involves the search for office, retail, warehouse and industrial premises, based on customer requirements: footage, location, budget, classroom facilities and their technical characteristics, the company's business processes and development strategy are taken into account.

The cost of commercial lease depends on many factors: the location of the object, its quality and technical characteristics, the level of competitive environment. The research and consulting department of IPG.Estate publishes quarterly fresh analytical reports, which also analyze the average level of rental rates for each segment. Reports are publicly available on our website.

The commercial real estate rental market covers the office, retail, warehouse and industrial segments. At the moment, the structure of the company allows you to close a request for any type of real estate. Office real estate brokers regularly update the database of business centers, including facilities under construction, and a list of free blocks. Thus, office rental and conclusion of transactions takes place in a short time. Brokers of the industrial and warehouse real estate department are also professionally approaching work: the base of functioning warehouse complexes and industrial facilities, vacant areas, which are under construction and planned for construction, is being updated. Renting a warehouse is possible in a short time, the key to this is the efficiency, mobility and competence of brokers. Brokers of the retail real estate department work with all functioning shopping centers and shopping centers, update the database of street retail property owners. It is possible to rent a store for any functionality and in any area of the city in the built-in premises of residential buildings, as well as rent in a shopping center (shopping and entertainment complexes).

Commercial real estate lease is an important business process. IPG.Estate brokers are attentive to each request and are able to find for you an office, retail, warehouse or industrial premises that meets the requirements of your business, as well as agree on favorable contractual terms and rental rates.

Active search of premises

More than 15 years we have been selecting and equipping premises for tenants from various fields of business. We quickly delve into the task and offer different solutions. We are actively working with the waiting list of owners and tenants. We know who moved from where, who are waiting for a new room or tenant.

We know the market

The analytics department regularly publishes market analytics and special studies. Own base of open and closed facilities with current areas and rates.

Налаженные связи

We have long-term partnerships with all major owners of commercial real estate;

We are the organizers of the IPGMarketInsight series of events that are held for developers and owners, investors, business representatives - tenants and potential buyers of real estate for their own use.

Stages of commercial real estate lease

  1. Selection of objects: overview of proposals for the target request, Shortlist
  2. Organized views: we compose the optimal route for exploring several objects at once. Business class taxi service upon request
  3. We agree on a contract: we agree on mutually beneficial conditions.
  4. For offices: a free seating plan, assistance in moving, furniture, decoration and equipment of a new effective office on special conditions.

Sertificates and awards



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