Any real estate project begins with the development of a business concept.
Consulting for commercial real estate or land involves the search for ideas that, in the course of a comprehensive analysis, turn into the most effective concept of the best use. In the future, the business concept is fully suitable for development.
The IPG.Estate team, in assessing the prospects of consulting projects in real estate, conducts a comprehensive analysis.

In the future, the options for the functional development of territories / real estate and technical and economic parameters are determined for each of the possible development concepts.
The final stage of work on a real estate consulting project is financial modeling. At this stage, the customer in the language of numbers can see the economic indicators of the future object and cash flow.
IPG.Estate experts give recommendations for the development of the most effective option and develop concepts with a deep study of the most effective option.

Consulting in the field of commercial real estate is one of the priority areas of IPG.Estate.
The goal of the team is to continue work on the consulting project when it enters the implementation phase. It is important for us to provide services to support the design, further construction and completion of the facility, marketing promotion, brokerage and management. An interest in the viability of the proposed solutions and the prospects for providing a full cycle of services is the main guarantee of our work.


Professional expertise of team members allows you to take into account past experience, predict and see risks and possible errors, level them in the process.

Geography of completed projects:
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Anapa, Ufa, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana).

Commercial success

The company's experts have implemented more than 200 consulting projects in the field of office, retail, hotel, warehouse and industrial real estate. Experts worked with land, creating new projects, with functioning facilities.

Full cycle

The main goal in developing consulting projects in the field of commercial real estate is the possibility of further participation of the team in the implementation of the project at all stages: design, construction, marketing promotion, brokerage and further operation. We understand the needs of our customers both from the business side and from the development side. For us, the project is considered successful when the requirements and interests of all parties are satisfied

List of Consulting Services

1. Concept development and optimization

The service is provided to developers, owners and investors. We work both with new projects that are at the start of developing an idea, as well as with already functioning objects.

The commercial concept includes recommendations for positioning a future project, determining its format and class.
As part of the preparation of the concept, a master plan for the territory is being developed, and recommendations on planning decisions are being developed.
Development and optimization of the concept includes recommendations on the need to create a parking and parking index, the development of additional infrastructure for the project.
At the stage of preparation of the financial model, revenue indicators are forecasted: rental rates / selling prices, completion dates / sales rates, and the necessary investments are calculated.

The accumulated experience of specialists, the portfolio of completed projects, and an understanding of the local market serve as a guarantee of the quality of our projects. The concepts developed or optimized by our team will allow the customer to increase the profitability of the future project and its investment performance.

2. Project financial analysis

The service is provided to potential investors and specialized property owners who are working on expanding their asset portfolio, to developers

At the stage of financial analysis, the specialists of the research and consulting department conduct a comprehensive analysis of the property. As a result, a conclusion is issued on the potential profit of the project, the payback period, profitability, and the development of the project in the short term.

3. Best use & effectivenes analysis 

The service is provided to developers, owners, investors

The development of the concept of any construction project begins with the identification of the most cost-effective functionality for each specific land plot or location of the property.
As a result of the analysis of the most effective use, functional types and technical and economic development parameters that are possible to implement are determined.

During the implementation of these works, experts assess the resource potential of the property or land, competitive environment, forecast demand. Based on the data obtained, recommendations are prepared on the functional content, space volumes and indicators of economic efficiency of the proposed options are calculated. In the future, together with the customer, the provided options are compared, from which the most effective one is selected.

4. Market research and analytical reports

The service is necessary for all market participants: developers and property owners, institutional and private investors, tenants - business representatives (financial, oil and gas, IT and other structures)
Business decisions are always built on the basis of relevant concrete information. Often, open data is not enough. They do not provide an opportunity to fully assess the situation and development scenarios. Specialists provide market research services based on customer requests and business processes.

The team conducts interviews, develops survey scenarios and implements them, analyzes the collected data. A wide partner network and well-established professional relations give a high-quality sample of market participants and the ability to work with relevant and verified information.

5. Consulting support

The service is offered to owners of functioning commercial real estate: office, retail, multifunctional centers, hotels and apart-hotels, warehouse and logistics complexes, distribution centers, industrial facilities, developers, tenants.

The commercial real estate market is constantly changing. In addition to the natural development trends, external factors influence the market: the development of digital technologies, international practice, economic and geopolitical conditions. Market players have to adapt to many factors so that the business brings profitability and does not lose investment attractiveness.
The research and consulting department provides consulting support services, which makes it possible to renovate and improve the concept of the facility, both at the design stage and at the implementation and operation stages, while maintaining profitability and payback framework.

Stages of investment services

  1. Analysis of the facility, competition and market
  2. Identification of functional development options and elaboration of technical and economic parameters
  3. Financial modeling of each option
  4. Development recommendation, deep study and design support for the most effective option

Sertificates and awards


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