IPG.Estate results of the 2016 year

IPG.Estate experts closed a number of transactions in the Saint-Petersburg market in 2016. They concluded 9 transactions with the total area of 21 870 sq. m.

Among the largest transactions it is possible to mention the leasing of an area of 6600 sq.m by EPAM Systems company in the «Megapark» business center and leasing of an area of 1800 sq.m. by Peter-Servis company in the Baltyisky Deloviy Center.

IT companies showed the high activity in 2016, their share in the total volume of transactions closed by IPG.Estate in the Saint-Petersburg market accounts to 90 %.

Tenants demand analysis shows that the office premises in the Petrogradsky, Central and Moscovsky districts are the most popular. Usual request of the clients consists of the premises with an area of 200-300 sq.m. However, new trend appeared on the market in 2016- the growing number of the requests for the premises with an area of 1000-3000 sq. m. This is due to the extension of the part of IT-companies and resigning of the old contracts.

A large transaction in the warehouse segment was closed by IPG.Estate experts. «Center» company leased class B warehouse with the total area of 770 sq.m. located in the Melnichnaya street ,which is the part of the LESBUMSTROYSNAB multifunctional complex.

The company implemented a number of consultant projects in 2016. In particular, we made a feasibility study for the complex of the buildings on the Grazhdanskaya street with the total area of 5000 sq.m. This complex will be transformed into a multifunctional creative space which will include the hotel for 70 rooms with an area about 2000 sq.m., theatre, exhibition area, offices and shops in the nearest future. Project brokerage in the active stage now.

The company is holding on the negotiations for the re-conception of the building to the shopping mole at the moment. Also, the company experts are implementing the project of the management of the office building with the area more than 6000 sq. m. In total, we have more than 100 000 sq.m on-going projects in the office, retail and warehouse real estate segments.

«2016 was a successful year for us. We closed a number of landmark transactions in the office real estate segment. And started developing the warehouse segment,-said Ivan Pochinshikov IPG.Estate managing partner.-We have the ambitious plans for 2017. We are intending not just to enter, but to develop a permanent position in industrial real estate segment, also to strengthen our positions in the office, warehouse and retail segments. Also we are planning to develop investment consulting and sales directions».

During 2016 IPG.Estate has strengthened the team in all commercial real estate areas.

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