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IPG.Estate leased 3500 sq.m of production and warehouse in central area

The tenant occupied a production and warehouse facility with an area of 3500 sq.m  on the territory of the production and storage complex "BARS2" on Melnichnaya street. The premise is equipped with load-lifting mechanisms - crane-beams with carrying capacity from 1 to 3 tons, electric power capacity is 200 kW.

According to the representative of the tenant, the relocation was due to the increase of the production capacity of the company.

"The industrial and warehouse complex is a part of the «gray belt» of St. Petersburg and has an attractive transport accessibility - within walking distance from the metro station Alexander Nevsky Square," notes Filipp Chayka, head of the industrial and
warehouse real estate  department of IPG.Estate. Traditionally, manufacturing companies when searching for new premises primarily consider locations within the city with good transport accessibility. Weighing the risks of loss of employees, the owners of companies are not ready to remove
production in remote locations with poor transport accessibility. "

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