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IPG.Estate became an exclusive consultant VERNISAGE Shopping Mall in Kingisepp

IPG.Estate will act as an exclusive consultant for marketing and leasing of retail spaces of Vernisage Shopping Mall, located at the intersection of Krikkovskoe Highway and Bolshoy Boulevard in Kingisepp, in the area of active development of the sixth and the seventh quarters of the city. At the moment, IPG.Estate is also working on the project concept.

Vernisage Shopping and Entertainment Mall is a European level facility, which will be opened in the first quarter of 2020. The project developer is Rosstro Financial and Industrial Group. According to the concept, the facility will become a center of family rest and leisure. The total area of the three-story building is 21,000 sq. m, a parking for 400 car spaces will be arranged on the adjacent territory.

On the territory of the shopping and entertainment mall, a food hypermarket, a hypermarket of household appliances and electronics, a hypermarket of sports goods, a fitness complex, and a single multiplex cinema will be arranged. The mall will be outlined by modern European design, a single well-developed concept and quality development strategy.

"The prospects of the mall are quite high, since Vernisage Shopping Mall will be the first conceptual mall in the city, the project of which is developed in accordance with modern market trends, – says Olga Kozhevnikova, Head of IPG.Estate's Retail Real Estate Department. – The key feature is that the project provides for a multiplex cinema, which currently has no analogues in Kingisepp. It will contribute to the project popularity with a potential audience. It is also worth noting that at the moment of its introduction Vernisage Shopping Mall will be the largest high-quality retail property facility in Kingisepp".

"The portfolio of our company's projects has been replenished with another exclusive project, this time in the retail segment, – says Ivan Pochinshchikov, Managing Partner of IPG.Estate. – We see prospects in the retail real estate segment, and in the future we will only strengthen this area of activity, including through the possibility of entering other regions of Russia."

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