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IPG.Estate has become an exclusive consultant for marketing and leasing of business centres in the Centralny district

IPG.Estate will be exclusive consultant on space marketing and leasing during the renovation of Vladimirsky Business Center (from C class to B+ class) in Centralny district.

Vladimirsky Business Center is located in a historical center of St. Petersburg at: 12 Shcherbakov Lane. There are two underground interchange stations at a distance of 50 metres: Vladimirskaya (red line) and Dostoevskaya (orange line). The facility was built in 2007.

"The location of the facility is unique, only 50 metres from an underground (interchange) station, Nevsky and Vladimirsky Prospects are close, as well as Rubinstein Street, which is considered a major restaurant street of the city, – says Veronica Chekanova, the Head of IPG.Estate Commercial Real Estate Department. – Taking into account a low vacancy rate of high-quality office space in Centralny district in particular, we can confidently predict that the facility will be in demand among business participants. Moreover, at the current stage it is possible to coordinate planning and engineering solutions according to the tenant's wishes."

"The trend of administrative buildings renovation in order to improve their class continues to develop in St. Petersburg, – says Ivan Pochinshchikov, the Managing Partner of IPG.Estate. – The owners seek to satisfy the demand for high-quality office space among business participants through reconstruction of their facilities; quite often they are ready to launch reconstruction projects for a particular tenant, taking into account the latter's requirements for engineering equipment, planning solutions. As a rule, such projects have a very important characteristic – transport accessibility: underground stations, the main city highways are usually close."

Ivan Pochinshchikov also noted that the level of high-quality vacant space in the market of St. Petersburg is 6.8 %. "Knowing about our customers' demand and about the lack of high-quality offer, we have decided to intensify our work in exclusive consulting and brokerage. Thus, we have a portfolio of facilities that we offer to our customers, while the owners are guaranteed with a short time of the facilities filling. In addition, during the work on the projects, we give recommendations on planning solutions for future offices, technical equipment and decoration of the areas to the tenants, – was the ending of the expert's thought."

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