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IPG.Estate completed the transaction of lease of 6600 sq. m. at the ‘Megapark’ business center by EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems, a software development company, represented the 2-line leaser of the B-class ‘Megapark’ business center. The company leased 6600 sq. m. The second line of the business center was commissioned in the first half of 2016. IPG.Estate acted as the sole broker of the transaction.

EPAM Systems was founded in 1994. It represents a global software developer and digital platforms supplier. Uniting over 18 000 professionals, the company works with clients from all over the world utilizing its award-winning designs and offices in 25 countries of the North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

According to Marianna Okrugina, EPAM Systems CEO, the moving was stipulated by search of a large comfortable office. The broker of the transaction represented by IPG.Estate helped to find an office for the company in a new modern business center conveniently located in the Moskovskiy District in close vicinity to main traffic arteries and within walking distance to the ‘Moscovskiye Vorota’ subway station.

Grigoriy Volkov-Kitainov, ‘Megapark’ business center Director General, noted that IT-companies have recently became the most active within the Saint Petersburg market; thereby, high-quality technological infrastructure of the facilities and their location creating comfortable conditions for employees’ work is important to leasers. The facility complies with the requirements of one of the largest international IT-companies.

“The Moskovskiy District is forming a new business area of Saint Petersburg, which is stipulated by developed transport infrastructure and proximity to airport – new high-quality office property projects are being implemented southwards, which, coupled with the location, generates interest in many large companies. According to our information, the share of high-quality office property offer located in the Moskovskiy District reached 20% at the end of the first half of 2016. This value will continue to increase – around 18% of the total new offer will be concentrated within this location at the end of the year,” – Ivan Pochinshchikov, IPG.Estate Managing Partner, comments.

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