New leaders in IPG.Estate team

IPG.Estate is strengthening the team. Veronika Chakanova joined the company as Head of Office Department, and Andrei Svistunov appointed Business Development Director.

As a Head of Office Department, Veronika will be optimizing and developing business processes, supervising transactions, expanding client base and building long-term relationships with developers.


Andrei Svistunov as а Business Development Director will be in charge of company's services and corporate customer base expansion, as well as the growth and development in St. Petersburg commercial real estate market.

Veronika has over 10 years of experience in the commercial real estate market. She started the career in 2008 at RBI holding. Since 2010 Veronika worked for East Real, where she grew from consultant to department director, and successfully completed several office lease deals for more than 40000 sq.m. Among key projects in the portfolio there are lease deals for such companies as «Arcadia» in «Mezon Plaza» business center, «VEEAM» in «Saint Petersburg Plaza» and «Senator» business center, «M-STYLE» in «Golden Valley» business center, «GEROPHARM» in «Nevskaya Ratusha» business center, «AstroSoft» in «NEVKA» center, etc.

Andrei has worked in office real estate for more than 10 years. He worked in such companies as «Progress-Neva» «Renaissance Insurance», Swiss company «ZURICH», «GUTA insurance» and «Repair and Exploitation of Real Estate »(REN). During his tenure in IPG.Estate, a number of office lease deals for the total area of 22 000 sq.m were successfully closed under his leadership, namely, lease by «Peter-Service» about 10000 sq. m in «Smolensky» business center, «Edisoft» - 1100 sq. m in «Gelsingforsky» business center, «Epam Systems» - 8100 sq. m in «Megapark» business center.

«Due to our team' professionalism, we actively entered the market, making a great competition to our international colleagues, – said Ivan Pochinchikov, IPG.Estate managing partner – we are confident that Andrei's and Veronika's professionalism and expertise will bring us to a new development level, maintaining the rising trend for quality of our services».

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