Filipp Chayka

Filipp Chayka
Head of Industrial & Warehouse Department

Filipp started his career in the commercial real estate business in 2007 as a project manager in Raven Russia Saint-Petersburg, which main specialization was focused on projects in the warehouse real estate segment of the region. One of the largest deals completed with the participation of the expert, is the construction of a warehouse complex "AKM logistics" in the Shushary industrial area.

Hereafter Filipp worked in the office department in the Renaissance Development company. In 2012 Flipp took apposition of a  commercial director of the "Interterminal-Parnas" company , he was responsible for the increasing of the clients potfolio and for a commercial field of multifunctional logistics complex, which was implemented in the industrial area of Parnas. From January 2015 Filipp Chaika was working on the position Warehouse department director in  East Real company. During his working period in this company he  closed several transactions with the  total area of 23 000 sq m, among the most iconic tenants it is possible to note such companies as "Gazprom",  "VSE Instrumenti", "KDV Group", etc.

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