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IPG.Estate: Balttransservis leased an office block in "Preobrazhensky dvor" business center

IPG.Estate closed a deal of leasing the office block with an area of 1350 sq.m. in the Preobrazhensky dvor business center in the central district of St. Petersburg by BaltTransServis company (BTS).

BaltTransService is one of the largest private operators specializing in railway transportation of oil cargo in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The company was founded in St. Petersburg in 1999.

The tenant will occupy an office block with an area of 1350 square meters, which combines an open-space façade glazing area and a cabinet area, in the business center located at  26  Liteyniy prospect.

According to the words of Eduard Baruzdin, assistant to BTS General Director, the company was looking for new office of about 8 months. Much attention was paid to the office location - It was important to keep it  in the same district in the Central part of the city near Chernyshevskaya  metro station as well as to keep  the layout –to place the office in a one plane.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Untevsky, Preobrazhensky Dvor managing Director, noted that the office block was released in February 2018, and by that moment they had already signed a contract with BaltTransService company.

"This transaction was an absolute coincidence of the request of the lessee and the vacant supply unit from the landlord, says Veronica Chekanova, head of IPG.Estate office department– The new office arranged the company on qualitative characteristics, internal infrastructure, availability of parking lots, location.  The block footage and the layout perfectly matched with the needs and the volume of the company staff. And at all stages of the transaction the managing company led the customer-oriented campaign ".

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