IPG.Estate: Meat Products Supplier Has Rented a Cold Store

IPG.Estate has leased warehouse space in a refrigerating terminal of A class to Germanin company – a leading manufacturer and supplier of meat products of premium quality.

Germanin, Group of Companies is specialized on production and supply of meat products of premium quality to shopping and catering facilities in all the countries of the Customs Union. The Group includes manufacturing, distribution, logistics and servicing companies. To ensure fast logistics among restaurants of St. Petersburg, the company needed a class A cold shelf store, as close as possible to the city center, with convenient transport connection with other stores, an office and production facilities of the company.

"The assignment given by Gurmanin company was not an easy one. At the moment, in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region the volume of high-quality refrigerating and cold stores (warehouses) is limited and amounts to 350 – 400 thousand square meters, – says Philipp Chaika, Head of Warehouse and Industrial Real Estate Department of IPG.Estate. – Due to the stable demand for such facilities, the level of vacant space is close to zero, but we have been able to meet the client's requirements".

Gurmanin company has rented coolers and warehouse space in KRES cold storage complex. The complex with an area of 32,000 sq. m is located at 17 Yakornaya Street, which is just a couple of kilometres from the city center and 9 kilometres from the ring road. The location is very convenient and fully meets the client's requirements. Shelf storing, storing in coolers and in the forwarding area, floors with reinforcing coating, led lighting (soft and comfortable light), modern electrical equipment (of Jungheinrich, famous German manufacturer) for loading and unloading operations are available in the complex.

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