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IPG.Estate closed a sale deal of the warehouse in Primorsky District.

Pharmaceutical company acquired a warehouse with an area of 1500 m2 in Primorskiy district. The seller was a large distribution company, the broker was IPG.Estate and the buyer was a distributor of medicines, medical equipment, products and supplies for pharmaceutical Russian market.

The warehouse is located in pedestrian accessibility from Pionerskaya metro station and can be classified as “B”. It has 10 meters ceiling height, rack system and dust-free floors. Previously, it was used by the owner for his own needs.

According to the company’s representative, the facility will be licensed for medical products’ storage.

The warehouse and industrial property director of IPG.Estate, Filipp Chayka noticed that pharmaceutical companies have specific requirements about facilities, namely, heated and clean storage space with dust-free floors, clean painted walls and ceiling, bright lightning and possibility to regulate temperature and humidity.

Furthermore, the experts admit that purchase-sale deals of storage facilities are quite rare, but at the same time the demand for warehouse purchase is quite high. The supply of 1000 - 2000 m2 warehouses, corresponding to potential buyers’ requirements, is limited. Potential buyers prefer separate buildings, which allow them to avoid neighbourhood with other companies and not to share common areas and utility bills.

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