In 2018 IPG.Estate leased 31 499 square metres of office space

In 2018, office department closed 25 new deals with a total space of 31 499 square metres, 56% of which are deals with IT companies. Some of the biggest deals are 7 896 square metres at Levashovsky Avenue leased to a major IT company with IPG.Estate representing the landlord, 4 700 square metre business centre at Fermskoye highway leased to retailer ‘Krasnoye&Beloye’ and 3 200 square metre business centre ‘Nevka’ leased to CRT.

“Considering current framework of the market when the number of vacant quality space is limited and new projects often don’t make it to the open market, it is quite challenging to find a new modern office that can satisfy all of the requirements – Ivan Pochinshchikov, IPG.Estate’s managing partner comments. – Brokers’ expertise, efficiency and professionalism, well-established communication with landlords ant tennants and capability to find creative solutions became key factors for closing new deals and market’s share increase”.

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