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IPG.Estate Leased 1,580 Square Metres of Office Space at Anchor Business Centre

IPG.Estate Company acted as a broker for the lease of 1,580 sq. m of B+ class office space at Anchor BC in Krasnogvardeisky District. A retailer of goods for home and office became a lessee.

Anchor Business Centre is B+ class facility with a total area of 6,500 sq. m in Krasnogvardeisky District. It was put into operation in 2015. Address: 7A, Yakornaya Street.

Yevgenia Tubakova, a representative of Anchor Business Centre, notes that, despite a rather lengthy process of the lease agreement terms negotiating with the lessee, due to the fact that it is a federal company, the parties have concluded a productive deal on mutually beneficial terms.

"The retailer was picking up a new office during a year, gives her comments Veronica Chekanova, Head of IPG.Estate's Office Department. – After extended comparison, the choice was made in favour of Anchor Business Centre, due to the right combination of location, premises planning solutions, and rental rates. It is important to note flexible and professional approach of the lease provider to the client – at the lessee's request, the Anchor Business Centre's management company executed works on increasing the allocated power capacity at the facility."

The expert also noted that the retailer had rented office space in one business center for about 20 years, within which it had been developing and expanding. The lessee's relocation to a new facility confirms development of the trend when companies choose modern high-quality facilities in order to create comfortable jobs, attract and retain highly qualified personnel.

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