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IPG.Estate has found an office for IT company in A class Business Center in Vyborgsky District

The IT company «SKB Kontur» leased an office space of 1100 sq.m in the A class Business Center «Gelsingforsskiy». IPG.Estate was the broker of that deal.

SKB Kontur is one of the first software developers in Russia. The company was founded in 1988. "SKB Kontur" develops programs for managers and accountants, which help to interact with the state and counterparties, simplifying internal processes and quickly coping with daily tasks.

According to Ivan Lobov, the director of the SKB Kontur branch in St. Petersburg, the company was looking for an office in a modern business center with high-quality engineering and technical equipment and within walking distance from the metro, as the quality and convenience of the facilities were highly important for employees.

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«Gelsingforsskiy» Business Center belongs to "Vyborgskaya Naberezhnaya" business quarter. It is an A class object, located in walking distance from metro stations "Lesnaya" and "Vyborgskaya".

"The company was looking for a new office for about a year. Among the key requirements were an open space room, nice view, high-quality engineering and a number of other factors that were significant for the company, - said Andrei Svistunov, development director at IPG.Estate. - When preparing the project, the construction department of our company developed a concept for SKB Kontur office and prepared a full budget for relocation. Partly it was the decisive factor for the tenant in favor of «Gelsingforsskiy», as the tenant was able to visualize what the office would be look like and how work processes would be organized".

SKB Kontur leased shell & core premises, which allowed to take into account company's requirements at the initial level of design stage.

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